Buy ALL the parts!

Amongst crashing the car and removing the engine from it etc, i’ve slowly been collecting more bits for an engine hop-up. For a while i’ve been sitting on some supporting parts such as an Apex-i PowerFC, Z32 airflow meter and Apex-i AVCR boost controller. I then came across a great deal on a completely sick turbo setup that i’ve always dreamed of – and couldn’t refuse! TRUST TD06L2-20G!!


I got the complete kit, including Greddy topmount manifold, downpipe and monster external wastegate – so excited! I know its a very dated setup, and given a chance you’d get a whole room of drifters arguing about particular setups for ‘optimum response’, ‘low down torque’, ‘quick spool by whatever RPM’ and all that shit, but this setup is oldschool and I love it. To me, im thinking as long as it comes on boost like a punch to the dick, spins the rear tyres and puts a huge grin on my face then its going to be awesome!

So now I have the turbo setup I always wanted, id just as well get completely carried away and buy everything else too, right?



Tomei 260 PROCAMS


Tomei rocker arm stoppers


Brian Cower valve springs and titanium retainers


Tomei alloy cam pulleys


CP 86.5mm 8.5:1 Forged Pistons


Manley H-beam forged conrods


Along with all genuine OEM Nissan seals and parts, i now have 95% of the parts needed to complete the engine!!

So now its a case of dropping all these parts off at the engine builder which will hopefully be very soon. The engine will be acid dipped, machined and the whole bottom end completely balanced. I know i’ve got carried away and probably didnt need to go this crazy, but if im going to do it i’d just as well do it once and do it right…



After the unfortunate crash at the track, I left the car for a while until I was ready to start looking into what to do about it.

Seeing as id crashed the car before and damaged the left-hand upper chassis arm and front panel etc, it was all a bit weak. So crashing it at the track really put it all out of shape. Upon closer inspection the passenger-side chassis leg was slightly kinked, the front panel was mashed, the slam panel/rad support was bowed and the arch was very badly crumpled and in fact had a 6″ long tear running through it.

I know in comparison to other damaged drift car’s i’ve seen, the damage my car has sustained was nothing incredible. At this stage i could have easily spent a day with a big hammer and some friends to butcher everything back into ‘roughly’ the right position, but I do think a lot of this car and I would hate to bodge it so to speak. You see a lot of drift cars with ‘battle damage’, ‘run the wall’ crap and hear drivers bragging about how they have cut corners to get their crashed cars back in use. Thats really not my style and I think that whole attitude is just a bit lazy.

I was contemplating taking the engine out, to get the front end fixed up and give it all a new lease of life with a lick of paint and perhaps a wire-tuck. I decided to do a compression test and actually found one of the cylinders to be putting out a lot less than the others (by about 30psi!), so there was nothing else for it – engine definitely out and even more of a rebuild than I first thought!


This was the first time I removed the engine from this car, it went okay but I decided to leave the gearbox in the car and take the engine out that way, next time it will definitely be coming out all together!

With the engine out it was time to asses the damage and see what the deal was.


With most stuff now removed and a bit of a clearer picture, it was time to decide the plan of action. In the meantime it was also a good point to get stuck into the engine and tear that down!








More in the next post!

-Rich THIS is where my blog got to.

Well, where do I start? I SUCK at keeping this blog up-to-date! Until recently, a new lease of enthusiasm has occured with my Silvia drift car (yes I still have it!)…

So since my last update over a year ago, not that much has been going down. To summarise quickly I have taken my car to a massive TWO drift events in over a year and crashed the car pretty good on both occasions.

The first time was at Lydden Hill, a track which id not driven before. I got over excited and didnt ease myself into the driving after a long spell off – sending the car into the tyre wall on the first session. The damage wasn’t so bad as the car hit the tyres straight on the side, making the drivers side of the car look like tin-foil. Here are some pictures from the event.


And an in-car video from the day

The second event was at Snetterton, Norfolk. The first drift event to be held at the track – the day was great! (well, mostly!). The car felt really good to drive, even after yet another long spell since driving it at Lydden Hill as mentioned above.

Again my rusty-ness got the better of me and I bit off more than i could chew, this time it was worse however. I was itching to get some opposite-entries into my driving so after finding my feet in the first few sessions I started having a go. After pulling off some super fun entries into the faster corners, i  sent the car across some wet grass for approximately 100 meters nose-first into the tyre wall, ending my day short.


Fuck. So we pulled out what we could trackside. Rad support was bent so far back it was pretty much touching the block, everything was a mess, but we managed to bodge the car and DRIVE it home which took 6 hours, not the greatest highlight of my drifting hobby so far…


Again here is a clip from the day, including the crash. I tried to put a light twist on the video with some Phil Colins, as for some reason my gopro didnt record the sound.

So since then the car has been off the road. It underwent some minor changes before the two events since my last update, including some rear Driftworks Geomasters.

There has been some other interesting things happening behind the scenes while the car has been out of action, some pretty exciting stuff is currently happening and my Silvia will be back better than ever before, i literally cant wait.

An annoying habit of mine is getting really stuck into something, then distracted by other things, so progress with this project comes in big chunks. Recently my love and enthusiasm for my car and drifting as a motorsport has been re-lit. I was lucky enough to be at the recent Speedhunters Workshop held over here in the UK, again at the Snetterton circuit. My good friend ‘Daze’ over at – was kind enough to let me ride shotgun as he personally took part in the workshop with Mad Mike in his RX8 and Frederic Aasbo in his totally awesome GT-86. The day was inspirational with so many true-spoken words and really interesting talk about driver technique, car setup and approach to the sport of drifting itself.

Witnessing this event has really kick started me into completing my car now – just what i needed.

So stay tuned as over the coming days I will be updating this page with all thats been happening (and the parts i’ve been collecting!). This time I promise updates will be more regular!!



Back in business.

Finally have my car back on the road again, after 7 whole months!

Was a good break from the car, which was much needed after the disappointing time I had last year/season.

Anyway, got the caster rods modified and fitted with the help of a mate and a lathe.

Previous caster rod position with MAX rod:

Current setup with modified GTR caster rods, flush with roll bar for more clearance:

Got some tyres mounted on the R33 GTR wheels, 215/40’s though I kinda wish I got something bigger, think i’ve gone off skinny tyres!


I also got kinda bored in the evenings when I couldn’t work outside on my car, decided to try tinting my crystal rear lights all-red to see what it would look like, wasnt sure..

They dont look too bad but im not convinced, i used tint vinyl so can remove easy enough. Think im going to re-fit the OEM lights but make up some cool LED boards for them myself for something to do.

Other than that, I picked up a black Apexi AVCR boost controller for a good price:

Think im picking up a Garret 2871r .64 turbo on the weekend along with some Nismo 740cc injectors, then I think that will be all the parts for the power hike collected, still debating poncams though. The car picks up awesome with the 4.3 final drive welded diff I fitted, not to mention the wedled diff is absolute night and day to drift with in comparison to the tired 2-way LSD that was fitted before, feels good to be back!

Apologies for the rambled post and shitty pictures, just getting back into the swing of things!

Finger is coming out!

Been working on the Silvia over the last few days in between the shit weather, most of the work under the car is now done, I fitted a replacement 4.3 final drive diff that I had welded up. It has UK output shafts, so I converted the driveshafts/inner CV to UK stuff to suit. This wasnt a big deal as one of the import CV’s had exploded and was useless anyway.

This is all that was left when I removed the old shafts and diff. The boot had split all round, and there were no ball bearings in there at all, and half the bearing carrier had gone haha!!

Had a bit of an impulse buy recently and picked up an Apexi Power FC ECU with commander, its and L-Jet so uses an airflow meter, I bought a Z32 AFM from the same dude selling the ECU for a good price. Keep telling myself that its stuff I can always sell on for the same price if I never get round to power upgrades, thought id just aswell get the ball rolling collecting all the supporting mods for a bigger turbo, should be good!

Went to plug in the Power FC just to check it worked ok and the display on the commander worked, then noticed a red wire randomly sticking into thin air at the ECU plug, found that the wire had snapped out of pin 105, which is the ‘Fuel Pressure Control’, which isnt very cool! Not sure if it snapped as i was unplugging the stock ECU or if it had snapped off before. Kinda hoping when its fixed it will cure the low-boost issue ive had, the car only boosts to .5 bar for some reason, hoping its the ECU capping the boost because of the fuel signal not being there hahah.

So seeing as ive deleted the aircon, im going to take the pin for that out and replace the pin which the wire snapped out of.

So the last thing on my list is to fit some new caster rods. I’m using Part Shop MAX arms at the moment, but they’re way too chunky and are limiting my steering lock. To the point where the wheel using the rods as the lockstop instead of the lower arm. I bought some Skyline GTR rods from driftworks, these are kinked and generally thinner so will allow for more clearance. They need a few tweaks to make the the most out of them on an s-body. In their shortest setting theyre still too long, so the orange threaded sleeve part can be cut down a bit both ends to make the rod shorter. Also the holes that mount to the LCA are different so you have to slot the forward most hole to suit the LCA. Last of all, the inboard metal spacer that mounts at the front can be shortened , to allow the front joint to move further inwards and generally brining the whole rod further in. With these tweaks the rod should be at least flush with the roll bar, which will be alot better!

And this morning I picked up some R33 GTR wheels, will be using them on the rear at drift days as it sucked bending TE’s last time! Going to run the full set for a bit while I get the TE’s straightened and potentially sold for something different as I fancy a change!



Obviously i’d stopped blogging on WordPress for a while and created a Tumblr, not sure why. Tumblr is pretty good but i’ve been getting pissed off with the same stuff going around over and over again, it’s cool to have stuff you like all in one place, but thats about it.

Anyway, i’ve decided to start using this WordPress again to try and motivate me to do shit on my car and other projects!

The last time I used my Silvia was back at the end of July, at Awesomefest weekender here in the UK. It was set to be the biggest event of the year at probably the best place to drive in the country, I spent a fair amount of time and cash getting my car up together and solid so I could go hard all weekend and have maximum fun. Didnt really work out.

I got food poisoning on the friday and basically spent half of the saturday shitting and puking, while missing 3 track slots that day. Finally got out while feeling rough as, and on the first lap one of my boost hoses popped off, had to sit out the rest of the run until I could get to some tools. Changed some hose clips round and went out for my last run of the day, got to lap two this time before the same hose came off again. Fixed the problem once and for all on the Sunday morning while feeling like death still, but amped to get out for my first session and go at it. Second lap, first corner I came off the track and hit this massive kurb at the edge of this rumble strip, bent my rear lower arm in half and slightly bent a rim. Goes to show, a genuine wheel put up more of a fight than a chunky OEM steel lower arm!

So obviously pissed off with that and generally feeling like I wanted to give up, my good friends kept me going and subbed in cash to buy some adjustable rear lower arms from the Driftworks stand at the track! Amazing! So there was a mad rush to swap out the bent rear LCA in time for my next track session, but I made it out!

Although on the second lap I span at the same fucking corner and coursed-out towards the same kurb, hit my front right wheel, bending the rim again and kinking a tie-rod. So now the car felt like a complete wet turd to drive, with around 4* of camber on one wheel at the back, and some stupid toe-in on the opposite wheel at the front. There was one more session left of my weekend, the last whole session of the weekend in fact.

Went out and gave it absolute shit, and had the best session of the whole weekend. My car was battered, bent and only running .5 bar for some reason, but I drove it foot the the floor and had a blast!


Here’s and in car vid from the weekend. Stoked about the uphill ‘esses’, cant wait to go back again and go harder!


Also in this video a few times, and in the second video being chased my my friend in his S13 (towards the end).


So all in all a massively disappointing weekend, once I got the car home it was left for weeks in a state, didnt want to touch it. I also cracked the diff casing at the track, so after about 2 months I took the diff out to inspect it. I’ve never touched the diff before and was told it was a 2-way when I bought the car. Turns out its a worn-out GTR 2-way with piss weak ramp angles. Hopefully this explains why the car is a stuggle to keep sideways without having my foot nailed down the whole time!

Without wanting to spend big money on a car I was starting to lose interest in, I decided to look for a short final drive 4.3 diff that I could weld. After being messed around by people trying to source one, I finally found one about 2 weeks go, so its been about 5 whole months since I drove my car properly!!

So those have been the main events over the past few months. Other than that I fitted the other rear LCA, so the rear is completely adjustable now, also fitted adjustable front LCA’s as I needed proper lock-stops and less track that the extended S14 LCA’s gave me. Also picked up some kinked GTR caster rods for the front, to give me more clearance on lock, until the roll bar anyway.